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Priseworks Technologies

PRISEWORKS TECHNOLOGIES, a division of Priseworks Corporation, provides software and systems consulting, as well as training and mentoring for global enterprises that view their IT systems as strategic assets.

  • Technical Staffing
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Advanced Systems Training and Mentoring

  • Software Configuration Management - Based on CVS and IBM Clearcase UCM
  • Enterprise Java - Training, mentoring and systems development expertise
  • Holistic Development Practices - Team based approach to problem solving
  • Data Warehouse, including Schema Design, and Data Transformation
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting based on Business Objects
  • Project Management including JAD Facilitation, Prototyping, and Risk Management
  • EDI and XML based supply chain integration
  • Custom, on-demand developer and end-user training

For more information contact:
(614) 791-3262